Services and cooperation


When you want to have adaptions to the WPP application you can hire me as an independent developer and consultant for the following activities:

  • Development of extensions and extra modules for the Web Publication Platform

  • Cofiguration, localization and hosting of the WPP

  • Development of addons and scripts for Enterprise Architect

  • Introduction of architecture repositories for (enterprise) architectures

  • Coaching of architecture teams

  • Introduction of ArchiMate notation for enterprise or data architectures

  • Introduction of custodian role in organisations


The development of this publication can be done in cooperation with the stakeholders. For example with a user community or within your organisation in an agile approach. When you want be part of the WPP Open Source community you can contribute to:

  • Analysing the navigations

  • Improvement of the CMS functionality and the form factory:

  • Notification functionaliteit for user groups and other stakeholders

  • Improvement of the discussion platform

  • Introduction of upload and download functionality etc.