The physical table is an implementation within a relational database and is linked via a trace to the logical data model.
Physical tables are converted to table structures in (relational databases). That is why columns and associations are worked out for these tables. Multiple types of constraints or rules can be added to the tables, columns and associations. Think of primary and foreign keys, check constraints and the like.

Package Physical data model viewpoints
Author Bert Dingemans
Alias --
Stereotypes table


Name Type Cardinality Description
Optional Column sql_variant 1 - 1--
Required Column sql_variant 1 - 1--


NameSourceSource attributeTargetTarget attribute
Optionele Eigenschap TableOptional ColumnLogical entityOptionele Eigenschap
Verplichte Eigenschap TableRequired ColumnLogical entityVerplichte Eigenschap


Primary Physical data model viewpoint

Secundary trace viewpoint

Linked elements

Logical data model viewpoints

Physical data model viewpoints