Where to send a person email.

Package Physical datamodel example
Author Bert Dingemans
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Stereotypes table


Name Type Cardinality Description
BusinessEntityID int 1 - 1Primary key. Person associated with this email address. Foreign key to Person.BusinessEntityID
EmailAddressID int 1 - 1Primary key. ID of this email address.
EmailAddress nvarchar 1 - 1E-mail address for the person.
rowguid uniqueidentifier 1 - 1ROWGUIDCOL number uniquely identifying the record. Used to support a merge replication sample.
ModifiedDate datetime 1 - 1Date and time the record was last updated.


NameSourceSource attributeTargetTarget attribute
BusinessEntityID EmailAddressBusinessEntityIDEmailAddressBusinessEntityID
EmailAddressID EmailAddressEmailAddressIDEmailAddressEmailAddressID
EmailAddress EmailAddressEmailAddressEmailAddressEmailAddress
rowguid EmailAddressrowguidEmailAddressrowguid
ModifiedDate EmailAddressModifiedDateEmailAddressModifiedDate


Import Adventureworks Database


Physical example project

Physical data model for the TFG Academy example. It shows a subset of the tables as they are included in the TFG Academy database. These three entities are used and expanded in the other two layers logically and conceptually.

Data Mapping

Data mapping is an example diagram of a data mapping in the IDEA implementation This implementation can be used in for example an ETL process but also for documenting the data flows and transformations in message transformation process or component.

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