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Architecture/Solution Building BlocksPackage with the description of generic architectural building blocks and solution building blocks.
BD-DWH Integration ABBFor the introduction of a Big Data Platform in an existing application landscape that includes a data storage, transformation and analysis element, like a DWH there are four scenarious for integration possible. In this package four alternatives are described with their characteristics, advantages and disadvantages. For TDP one scenario must be selected for further implementation.
Big Data Architectural Building Blocks 
Big Data BlueprintA Big Data blueprint as described in the literature. It is focused on Big Data but also useful for other data transforming activities
Big Data InfrastructureBeschrijving van de infrastructurele aspecten van een big data architectuur
Big Data MechanismsTechnology mechanisms represent well-defined IT artifacts that are established within an IT industry.
Big Data PatternsThe simplest way to describe a pattern is that it provides a proven solution to a common problem individually documented in a consistent format and usually as part of a larger collection. The notion of a pattern is already a fundamental part of everyday life. Without acknowledging it each time, we naturally use proven solutions to solve common problems each day. Patterns in the IT world that revolve around the design of automated systems are referred to as design patterns.
Data analytics and -science 
Data filtering and selection 
Data processing 
Data qualitiesDatakwaliteiten zijn ontwikkeld door een internationaal consortium te weten Dama.org. Datakwaliteiten worden vooral ingezet voor het bepalen van de behoefte en het aanbod bij een registerfunctie. De datakwaliteiten worden weergegeven in het diagram overzicht datakwaliteiten
Data science 
Data storage 
Data types 
Data visualisations 
File transformation ABBBuilding block for transformation from file based data to the standardized data target (model)
Hadoop components 
Hourglass ABBHourglass architecture pattern for modelling implementation specific functions and entities in a standardized architectural model.
Hourglass elements 
QualitiesKwaliteiten bieden de mogelijkheid om op een andere wijze de eisen te formuleren die je aan een bepaalde functionaliteit of toepassing stelt. Met name de mogelijkheid om kwaliteiten te kwantificeren maken deze entiteiten interessant. Op dit moment zijn er twee soorten kwaliteiten onderkend:
Relational Transformation ABBTransformation from a relational database data source to the standardized data target
Servicemodel ABBDetailed ABB for describing the logical service interface in combination with extra governance functionalities
Software qualitiesSoftware qualities based on the Quint2 model
Transformation ABB/SBB 
XML transformation ABB