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IDEA is a component for modeling a data architecture in Sparx Enterprise Architect. IDEA is an acronym for Integrated Data Entity Architecture and offers an integration for conceptual, logical and physical modeling architecture. Furthermore it includes a number of views for data management. Not only viewpoints and scripts but also an AddOn and a sample repository for a data catalogue can be found and downloaded here.

The IDEA Community develops the AddOns and Scripts for Enterprise Architect and the Web Publication Platform (WPP) platform that gives organisations the possibility to communicate Sparx EA repository with data models to now technical users in an easy to access web interface. This site is a sample of this publication platform and a sample data model based on the IDEA framework. This website is implemented in the WPP and is a live demo of the functionality. This IDEA components and the WPP are Open Source platform based on an EUPL license developed in modern webtechnology (ASP.Net). IDEA has multiple concepts:

  • Description of viewpoints for modeling physical, logical and conceptual layers
  • Description of viewpoints for modeling data management for example data owership, governance, usage and data quality of datasets
  • Implementation of various scripts to make modeling of a layers data architectures easier and more productive
  • AddOn for extra user screens, forms and wizards to support more advanced features for modeling data architecture and management. For example defining and create data mappings

Please go to the following links to get more information:

and get access to detailed information on the IDEA viewpoints and concepts

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