Human beings involved with AdventureWorks: employees, customer contacts, and vendor contacts.

Package Physical datamodel example
Author Bert Dingemans
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Name Type Cardinality Description
BusinessEntityID int 1 - 1Primary key for Person records.
PersonType nchar 1 - 1Primary type of person: SC = Store Contact, IN = Individual (retail) customer, SP = Sales person, EM = Employee (non-sales), VC = Vendor contact, GC = General contact
NameStyle bit 1 - 10 = The data in FirstName and LastName are stored in western style (first name, last name) order. 1 = Eastern style (last name, first name) order.
Title nvarchar 1 - 1A courtesy title. For example, Mr. or Ms.
FirstName nvarchar 1 - 1First name of the person.
MiddleName nvarchar 1 - 1Middle name or middle initial of the person.
LastName nvarchar 1 - 1Last name of the person.
Suffix nvarchar 1 - 1Surname suffix. For example, Sr. or Jr.
EmailPromotion int 1 - 10 = Contact does not wish to receive e-mail promotions, 1 = Contact does wish to receive e-mail promotions from AdventureWorks, 2 = Contact does wish to receive e-mail promotions from AdventureWorks and selected partners.
AdditionalContactInfo xml 1 - 1Additional contact information about the person stored in xml format.
Demographics xml 1 - 1Personal information such as hobbies, and income collected from online shoppers. Used for sales analysis.
rowguid uniqueidentifier 1 - 1ROWGUIDCOL number uniquely identifying the record. Used to support a merge replication sample.
ModifiedDate datetime 1 - 1Date and time the record was last updated.


NameSourceSource attributeTargetTarget attribute
BusinessEntityID PersonBusinessEntityIDPersonBusinessEntityID
PersonType PersonPersonTypePersonPersonType
NameStyle PersonNameStylePersonNameStyle
Title PersonTitlePersonTitle
FirstName PersonFirstNamePersonFirstName
MiddleName PersonMiddleNamePersonMiddleName
LastName PersonLastNamePersonLastName
Suffix PersonSuffixPersonSuffix
EmailPromotion PersonEmailPromotionPersonEmailPromotion
AdditionalContactInfo PersonAdditionalContactInfoPersonAdditionalContactInfo
Demographics PersonDemographicsPersonDemographics
rowguid PersonrowguidPersonrowguid
ModifiedDate PersonModifiedDatePersonModifiedDate


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