Merger FullName

This merger is an extra entity to define transformations etc like concatenations etc in ETL processes but also in transformation within XSD messages

Package Logical datamodel example
Author The Administrator
Alias {FD29A91D-B417-439f-A96C-D7FAD9960473}
Stereotypes --


Name Type Cardinality Description
FullName String 1 - 1First name of the person.
FirstName String 1 - 1First name of the person.
LastName String 1 - 1Last name of the person.
MiddleName String 1 - 1Middle name or middle initial of the person.


NameSourceSource attributeTargetTarget attribute
FullName Merger FullNameFullNamePerson DestinationFullName
FirstName Merger FullNameFirstNamePersonFirstName
LastName Merger FullNameLastNamePersonLastName
MiddleName Merger FullNameMiddleNamePersonMiddleName


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